RV Neil Armstrong alongside Reykjavik © Sarah Reed (SAMS)

In May 2017 we deployed some new biochemical sensors to measure pH and the amount of oxygen in the water, along with an automated sampler which collects and stores water samples for later shore-based analysis. The instruments were deployed on a physics mooring in 1800 m of water in the Rockall Trough west of the UK.

CCGS Amundsen negotiating the ice floes © Sabena J Blackbird

While Graham Tulloch was on deck tackling the challenges associated with programming and attaching the equipment for the landers, I was preparing for my ATLAS role in the expedition.

Sunrise on Deployment Day © G Tulloch

July 2018 saw two ATLAS researchers, Graham Tulloch (me) of the British Geological Survey and Sabena Blackbird of the University of Liverpool, join almost 40 ArcticNet scientists on board the Canadian Coast Guard Ship Amundsen, to lower equipment for sampling the sea bed and to take samples and measure the sea water in the Canadian Arctic.

Anna van de Kaaden and Evert de Froe bend over the creatures that have fished up on board the research vessel Pelagia.

In April 2018, ATLAS researchers from NIOZ boarded the RV Pelagia for a two-week expedition to Rockall Bank as part of the Netherlands Initiative Changing Oceans (NICO). Freelance journalist Edda Heinsman joined the expedition, and shares her experience.

After some initial frustration, two landers have been successfully deployed from the CCGS Amundsen in the Labrador Sea.

ATLAS partners Dick van Oevelen and Evert de Froe were recently on board the NV Pelagia, part of the Netherlands Initiative Changing Oceans (NICO) expedition. You can read more about their activities at their cruise blog https://nico-expeditie.nl/blogs/how-do-organisms-living-bottom-get-their-food.

A Dutch newspaper, Omroep Zeeland, also featured an article on the cruise. Read the English version here.

ATLAS colleague Telmo Morato is on the 'Blue Azores' expedition. Below you can see the crew preparing to explore deep sea walls south of São Jorge Island, Azores. 

2Getting ready to explore deep sea walls south of São Jorge Island Azores T Morato

Getting ready to explore deep sea walls south of São Jorge Island, Azores. © Telmo Morato, 2018