Example of a modular activity from the show: pupils use balancing boards to experience the challenge of carefully preserving samples on a moving ship. © Dynamic Earth

Here is a link to the PowerPoint presentation containing videos which is freely available to download from the ATLAS Community page on Zenodo.

The same link also contains a pdf file which provides an explanation of the show, a kit list, script and video transcript.

This show was developed to explain the ATLAS project and the work of people involved in it. It starts with a brief introduction to how and why oceans are important, then moves on to how scientists and engineers work at sea. There are discussions around the technology used for exploration of the deep-sea and the challenges posed by deep water. It also features an introduction to cold-water corals, how they feed and how bottom trawling for fish damages them. The show finishes with information about marine protected areas and a compilation video from various ATLAS cruises (expeditions at sea).

The video is available separately on the ATLAS YouTube channel. The video transcript is available as a pdf file